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Career Center

Career Placement Services for Students and Alumni

Students may explore various student employment opportunities in well-known national and multinational organizations through our career services. Our partnered corporate alliances provide our students and alumni with high-paid and rewarding jobs. Top employers and organizations of the world prefer to hire MountsVille students because of their strong leadership, analytical and communication skills.

MountsVille University offers two types of placements:

MountsVille ' s Internship Placement Opportunities:

MountsVille 's Internship Placement Program is specially designed for students who want to take the glimpse of real work environment before joining any organization as full-time employees. Our internship placement services are highly beneficial for the students who plan to opt for a different career path.

Internship programs help student to work on actual projects and gain professional experience which comes in handy when they opt to do a full-time job. MountsVille offers internship which can be both paid and unpaid, depending upon the type of organization and the industry it belongs to.

MountsVille 's Job Placement Opportunities:

Top organizations from all across the globe have partnered with MountsVille , providing some of the best career opportunities to our students and alumni in every region of the world.

To learn more about our MountsVille 's Career Services please contact our student representatives at or start live chat.