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Affiliated Universities and Institutes

Educational Alliances

MountsVille has partnered with the world's top universities and vocational institutes with the aim of providing quality education to students globally.

The affiliation has allowed the universities and institutes to offer the courses online which they can not offer in their campus-based environment. Furthermore, the partnership also provides working students a chance to earn their degree through MountsVille virtual classrooms. Through this facility the students can create a perfect balance between their work and educational life.

There are two types of educational institutes that have partnered with MountsVille in order to make education more accessible to their students.

A. Conventional Universities:
Conventional universities from all across the world prefer to partner with MountsVille because of its comprehensive programs, excellent faculty and easy to use online classrooms. Thanks to the affiliation, the partnered universities can now offer more programs to their students, thus giving them a chance to study in the program of their choice.

B. Training and Vocational Institutes
Training and Vocational Institutes provide their students an option to study some of the courses from MountsVille online classrooms. Through the partnership, the affiliated institutes are able to offer more certificates and diploma programs.

Role of our Affiliated Universities and Institutes:

The basic role of the affiliated universities and institutes is to make education accessible to all those who are looking for quality and flexible education. Anyone—a working adult, homeschooled student, or even a housewife—with busy personal or professional commitments but willing to acquire quality education can easily earn a degree from MountsVille . Once an individual completes their program, they will get a degree or certificate with the recognition mark of both MountsVille and the affiliated university/institute.