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Partner Employers

Corporate Partnership

MountsVille University has partnered with top national and multinational employers to offer its students rewarding career opportunities all over the world. Our partners also refer their own employees to MountsVille for further studies.

Career Placement Services Offered by our Corporate Partners:


Our corporate partners offer internship opportunities to our current students. The internships offered extend from a time period of three to six months. Depending upon the organization requirements, the internship can also be project based. These internships are highly beneficial to students as they prepare students to face real-life challenges when they enter the professional world.

Internships can be both paid and unpaid, depending upon the type of organization and the industry it belongs to.

Job Placement Opportunities:

The partnered organizations offer some of the best career opportunities to our students and alumni in every region of the world. These organizations keenly seek out our graduates because of their strong communication, analytical and leadership skills. Our graduates are currently working at managerial positions at several of our partnered organizations.

Become MountsVille 's Corporate Partner

As our Partner, you will not only have the privilege of hiring some of the best graduates, but will also get a chance to have your employees trained through our online certificate, associate's and degree programs.

Your employees can study at our university at an affordable tuition fee. We have reduced up to 35% of the tuition fees for the students who are referred by our partner employers.

Our comprehensive and up-to-date curriculums prepare your employees to successfully face the real-life challenges and become experts in their respective fields. Please contact our consultant at 1-844-453-6222 if you are interested in becoming MountsVille 's Corporate Partner.