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About the Faculty

MountsVille is a top-rated university because of its excellent online educational system and competent faculty, which consists of world- class scholars and industry experts. Our faculty members come from all corners of the world, bringing with them valuable knowledge and expertise. We have both full-time and part-time faculty, which is involved in the designing and development of the courses and study programs. They also manage assessments of class work and assignments, and provide students recommendation letters for better job placements globally.

Role of Our Faculty

Our faculty is committed to maintaining the best online learning environment by delivering quality education. Our online classrooms are entirely managed by our faculty from creating course content to preparing online exams. The faculty also promotes a better learning culture within the classrooms so that the students can properly develop their skills.

The faculty is mainly responsible for developing and improving the program's curriculums. As our faculty are professionals, having rich knowledge of the trends existing in the market related to their field they can easily update their curriculums accordingly.

The faculty at MountsVille University is categorized into following types:

1) Visiting Faculty

Teachers, professionals, educationists and industry experts from across the globe are part of MountsVille University as visiting faculty. They contribute by creating courses and interacting with students online. Assessment of assignments and issuance of recommendations for better job placements is also managed by our visiting faculty.

2) Permanent Faculty

The permanent faculty at MountsVille University manages assessments, classroom management and student development. The roles of our permanent faculty are to:

  • Manage Classrooms:
  • Enhance Distance Education Experience:
  • Assessment Management: Effectively evaluating student achievement

3) Associated Faculty

Faculty members, from across the globe affiliates of MountsVille University come under this category. They, being associated to education and learning, are very useful resource dedicated towards betterment of education.