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Faqs MountsVille University

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does MountsVille contribute to the overall educational process?

A. In many ways! MountsVille enrolls working professionals in its accredited degree programs which include Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate, PhD and Associate programs. The accredited degrees students earn from here help them grow and succeed in their professional careers.

Q. Is MountsVille an accredited university?

A. MountsVille is a fully accredited University recognized by the Accreditation Bureau for Higher Learning (ABHL), learn more about ABHL.

Q. How many students enroll in MountsVille every year?

A. This varies from year to year. However, at an average, the total number of students enrolled is twenty to thirty thousand. This does not include the large number of applications that are turned down due to ineligibility.

Q. What kind of student support services do you provide?

A .For students enrolled in MountsVille , we provide a Contact Us facility, where students are free to post questions and coordinate and contact with the faculty.

Q. What kind of Alumni support services do you provide?

A. Former students are invited to participate in different University activities from time to time. We also provide job placement services to them for no extra charges. Our trained HR placement staff ensures that students from MountsVille secure the top positions in the business and job sector.

Q. I do not qualify the criteria mentioned on your site; can I still apply?

A. We regret to inform you that we will not approve your application if you fail to meet the eligibility criteria. MountsVille maintains the highest academic standards and for that we ensure that we meet our core values.

Q. In which disciplines do you offer degree programs?

A. We offer Bachelors and Associate degrees under our graduate degree programs and Master's and Doctorate, PhD degrees under our postgraduate degree programs.