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About MountsVille University

MountsVille Employment Pledge

MountsVille Employment Pledge is a MountsVille University’s initiative for its students that will secure a bright future for them. Through the MountsVille Employment Pledge, MountsVille University promises to help our students in their job search process. With the help of our profound career center services we pledge to provide support to our students in their employment search process until they are hired on a high paying job.

How will the support provided?

Support will be provided to our students through career counseling, career coaching and by connecting them to appropriate jobs advertised on leading career placement services of the globe. We will also provide resume building tips to our students as part of the MountsVille Employment Pledge. Students will be able to explore a number of employment opportunities in well known national and multinational companies through the services offered in the pledge. Through our partnered corporate alliances our students are able to score high paying and rewarding jobs throughout the globe.

Who will be benefited through the pledge?

All of the MountsVille University graduates will be benefited and are eligible to apply through our career center. There is absolutely no restriction over any of our student for applying through the career center, however there are few tips that we would like to share with our students and by working on them the job hunting gets extremely easy for them and also brightens their chances of scoring a high paying job in the corporate sector.

  • Work towards achieving a high cumulative GPA. Ideally 3.0 or higher, the higher the better.
  • Actively pursue employment with MountsVille University’s career services.
    • Build your resume according to the tips provided in our career center.
    • Complete your portfolio prior to graduation (Applied arts and performing arts students only)
    • Professionally participate in scheduled interviews.
    • Actively and consistently engages oneself with career services until successful placement.

Some facts about MountsVille University

MountsVille Employment Pledge is a promise that the university makes with its students of helping them getting employment till they actually get it. Some of the essential facts that we think our students should know:

  • MountsVille University graduates get hired within 3 months of graduation.
  • MountsVille University graduates are 96% satisfied with the online education standards and services provided at the institution.
  • More than 90% employers are found happy with MountsVille graduates employed at their organizations and praise them for their better professional skills than other.
  • More than 93% of parents were found satisfied for the education provided to their children at MountsVille University.

MountsVille University provides a chance of enjoying cultural diversity to each and every student enrolled with it, and being an educational institution that fosters learning through practical, real life experiences we encourage our students to network and socialize with each other and likeminded people as much as they can. By offering the MountsVille Employment Pledge we intend to:

  • Enable our student to shine on a global perspective.
  • Foster valuable professional relationships with leading organizations globally.
  • Inculcate the habit of doing proper homework before applying for jobs in our students.
  • Develop a mutual relationship of trust between the university and students.
  • Create better networking opportunities for our students.
  • Remain the pioneer in providing student services.
  • Provide all of our services and technologies at the highest level of quality.
  • Ensure sustainable development of our students.